Welshpool – Are we there yet?


 In the early days of trips to Farchynys and before the M54 was finally completed in 1983, the journey from Walsall to Farchynys could take at least three and half hours, at first on slatted seats, so a pit-stop and a leg stretch was essential.

Welshpool, or as it is known in Welsh, Y Trallwng, lies on marshes near the Severn just over the border and the perfect place for a re-fuel. Its High Street soon became a popular haunt of the minibus and its Marian passengers searching out morale boosting supplies.

For some years, one of the most sought after emporia was Langford’s, purveyors of pies and sausages which fed and raised the spirits of many a Marian on the Mawddach. Sadly, all good things come to an end and the demise of Langford’s was reported in The Shropshire Star.


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