The Book and where to buy it

A celebration of the Mawddach, Barmouth and an old Coach House on the Estuary at FarchynysMotM_COVER_AW

In one eventful weekend in November  1963, the President of the United States was assassinated, The Beatles launched their second album, Dr Who exited his Police Box to confront the Daleks for the first time and a convoy of Walsall grammar school boys arrived on the Mawddach to spend their first weekend at Farchynys. This was Queen Mary’s newly acquired adventure centre, an old coach house on the Mawddach estuary lying in the shadow of Cadair Idris, just 4 miles from Barmouth and its iconic railway bridge.

Every week for the following fifty years, successive generations of QM folk have made the hundred mile journey to the coast and have promptly fallen in love with this special place, discovering that estuaries can be wonderfully productive eco-systems for personal growth. Marians on the Mawddach tells the stories of pupils and their teachers and also of the people they meet as they explore this highly contrasting landscape to their home in Walsall.

Buy now at:

Daunt Books, Marylebone

Sandspout Books, Dolgellau

Walter Lloyd Jones, Barmouth

Coed Y Brenin Visitor Centre

The Boot Art Space Barmouth

George 111, Penmaenpool

Penr’allt Gallery Bookshop, Machynlleth

Blackwells, Oxford

Queen Mary’s Club

Strategol Publishing

For more information on stockists email

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