From the Farchynys Timeline #15 The Best Group Ever?

December 3rd 2006

A well known Outward Bound Tutor writes in the Log for December 3rd, 2006:

“Probably the best group I’ve ever brought up here to do OB things. They ate everything, walked up, over and down everything and went to sleep when they should have, leaving the staff to indulge themselves in the traditional late night Stilton and Port fest.”


Remember Marians on the Mawddach makes a great Christmas gift

On this day in October, 1867

“Would you like the bridge fried or boiled, Sir?”


“When Benjamin Piercy built the viaduct in 1867, there was a man over at Barmouth who promised that if they ever finished it, he would eat the first train to come over. The morning it was due, a table was laid outside Barmouth Station with a starched white cloth and best silver and as the train approached, the chairman of the railway turned to this fellow and said, ‘Here it comes now, do you want it fried or boiled, sir?’ ”

Quoted in Stopping Train Britain by Alexander Frater, 1983